A “PATS” member is a UGCS supporter and volunteer.  A parent, grandparent, or individual who is a fan of our school and its kids in all areas such as Academics, Sports and Fine Arts at every grade level; Elementary, Middle, and High School.  A PATS member is someone who is willing to give some of their time to serve as a volunteer. 

The primary purpose is to foster communication and to support the faculty and administration as they purpose to provide a well-rounded, Biblically based, Christ-centered education. This group sponsors a number of events during the school year and raises funds which help enhance the overall educational process.  

Current Officers

Eddie Hauser


Email: ehauser0906@gmail.com

Phone: 336.749.0207

Misty Hurt

Vice President

Email: mhurt1769@gmail.com

Phone: (336) 337-4935

Joe Berry


Email: dad4berries@gmail.com

Phone: 336.944.1516

Brian Johnson

Director of Concessions

Email: johnsonpartyof5@att.net

Phone: 336.391.6025

Studies consistently show that students whose parents are involved with their education tend to do better academically.